Why Do I Perform Canaloplasty As My Primary Glaucoma Surgery?

One of things I find most frustrating about glaucoma is that, in the early stages it’s a disease without symptoms. So just like high blood pressure, diabetes, we as doctors end up treating a condition that has no symptoms and the treatment itself results in worsening symptoms. Take for example drops. Drops can be irritating, worsen dry eyes, they’re expensive and sometimes they can even have significant systemic side effects. As a doctor I find it difficult to treat a symptom free disease, with something that results in symptoms. Also the traditional glaucoma surgeries have significant risks associated with them. And it’s very difficult for me to recommend a surgery that has a significant risk of loss of vision, to somebody who currently, may not have notable loss of vision. Canaloplasty really hits that sweet spot for me. It’s a lower risked surgery that can actually reduce the symptoms of other treatments such as drops. So combining this safety profile, the low symptom profile and a condition which starts of symptom free, I really find that canaloplasty meets the needs of not only me as a doctor looking out for the protection of my patients vision, but also the needs of my patients.

. is a Board-certified Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon in Southern California. He is a recognized and respected, cataract and glaucoma surgeon; and is among an elite group of eye surgeon in the country performing the highly specialized canaloplasty procedure.

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