PolyActiva Commences Clinical Trial of Biodegradable Ocular Implant for Glaucoma

Clinical Trial Begins For PolyActiva Biodegradable Glaucoma Implant. PolyActiva Pty Ltd, a clinical-stage Australian biotechnology company, has recently received USD$12million in venture capital to fund its Phase 1 Clinical Trial which will evaluate the safety and tolerability of its PA5108 ocular implant designed to biodegrade after the treatment period.

EyeOP1® Ultrasound Cyclo-Plasty (UCP) Glaucoma Treatment

EyeOP1® Ultrasound Cyclo-Plasty (UCP) In late October it was announced that the Chinese FDA (but not yet the American FDA) had approved a new non-invasive glaucoma treatment called EyeOP1® Ultrasound Cyclo-Plasty (also known as Ultrasound Ciliary-Plasty, or UCP)....

EYEMATE Intraocular Pressure Sensor Implant Receives CE mark

CAUTION—INVESTIGATIONAL DEVICE, LIMITED BY FEDERAL (OR UNITED STATES) LAW TO INVESTIGATIONAL USE. Video Source: my-eyemate.com There’s a new intraocular pressure measuring system that has received CE mark approval for use with primary open angle glaucoma...

Who Will Likely Benefit from the Stegmann Canal Expander®?

Who Will Likely Benefit from the Stegmann Canal Expander®? Most anyone who is a candidate for canaloplasty should also benefit from placement of the Stegmann Canal Expander®. At the time of this writing, however, only those outside of the USA can do so as the FDA has...

XEN Gel Stent For Glaucoma From AqueSys

The XEN Gel Stent is a 6.0 millimeter long flexible tube made of chemically treated gelatin. This tube is placed in the eye with one end in the anterior chamber.

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