What Is Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of Blindness. It is a common disease of the eye which results from the dysfunction in the eye’s drainage system – the canal of Schlemm that leads to irreversible blindness. Because there are hardly any symptoms in the earlier stages of the disease, most glaucoma sufferers are unaware they have it.

Glaucoma prevention and treatment is about seizing the thief of sight in its tracks. With a patient’s sight on the line, glaucoma is a race against time. For every increase in intraocular pressure (IOP), a person with glaucoma slowly inches her way towards blindness. However, if one is considering the standard glaucoma surgery, called trabeculectomy, one may also fear the potential side effects of this surgery, which include worsening dry eye, blurred vision, long-term risk of infection, and even blindness.

Open Angle Glaucoma Quick Facts

Prevalence on U.S. population age 40 and older


Prevalence Rate (%) U.S. population age 40 and older

Estimated Prevalence Worldwide by Year 2020


Make Informed Decisions on Glaucoma.

Fortunately, New Glaucoma Treatments are now available that are effective and safer than traditional glaucoma treatments.  Our mission is to provide convenient access to the latest research on these treatments and enable patients with glaucoma to make informed decisions regarding treatment of this potentially blinding lifetime disease.

 Glaucoma Medications

Glaucoma Medications

Eye medications have been used to treat glaucoma effectively for decades. Different glaucoma drugs have evolved from the miotics of the 60’s like pilocarpine, carbachol epinephrine and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors acetazolamide, dorzolamide, to beta blockers timolol, carteolol, betaxolol in the 80’s, and the most recent, prostaglandin analogs (more…)

Latest Glaucoma Treatment | Canaloplasty

Latest Glaucoma Treatment | Canaloplasty

Canaloplasty (pronounced Kah-NAL-oh-plas-tee) is an advanced minimally invasive glaucoma treatment. As glaucoma can cause a permanent loss of vision, this procedure can provide patients with glaucoma a “peace of mind” not possible with use of glaucoma drops alone. Canaloplasty can reduce eye pressure by nearly 40%, and most glaucoma patients who have had (more…)

Looking for a “blebless” (or bleb-free) procedure? Canaloplasty may be for you!

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