Canaloplasty Patients’ Experience

Listen to the stories of some canaloplasty surgery patients. You will realize that just like you, they too had a lot of fears before undergoing their eye procedures.  But look at them now! They not only got their vision, but their life back as well. Yes, we’ve helped thousands of others like you. We can help you too!

Canaloplasty (pronounced Kah-NAL-oh-plas-tee) is a new glaucoma treatment that gives many people with this potentially blinding condition the hope of saving the vision they have. Canaloplasty can reduce pressure in the eye (IOP) by nearly 40%, and many glaucoma patients who have had Canaloplasty no longer need medications.

If you are not familiar with Canaloplasty, you might want to visit this post first “What is Canaloplasty?

Sick of High IOPs? Tired of taking Drops?

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