Testimonials of Glaucoma, Canaloplasty & Cataract Patients

Glaucoma Patient Stories

Listen to the stories of some glaucoma patients. You will realize that just like you, they too had a lot of fears before undergoing their eye procedures.  But look at them now! They not only got their vision, but their life back as well. Yes, we’ve helped thousands of others like you. We can help you too!

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Excellent care

Hi, I’m Marjorie Johnson. I just celebrated my 93rd birthday, and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Richardson for 10 years, and I have had excellent care. I have had glaucoma, and I am a diabetic, which a person has to be very careful of their eyesight. I’m doing really well, and my vision is normal, which I think is a great accomplishment to keep me going. All of Dr. Richardson’s staff has been very kind and very good.

Dr. Richardson is a fine doctor. He is very kind, and takes good care of his patients. I’m sure if it wasn’t for Dr. Richardson, my vision would not be as good as it is today, and especially at my age. I still have a license to drive my car, which I wouldn’t have got otherwise. I certainly recommend him to anyone that needs help with an eye problem.

Very pleased with the care

My husband and I have been patients of this office since about 1961 when our daughter was three years old. Dr. Schiff was here then. Since then, my husband, and I, and all three of our children have stayed with this practice. Dr. Richardson is now managing my husband’s glaucoma and cataracts. Dr. Pritchard prescribes our glasses, and has for many years, as well as for our children, who are now adults.

We are very, very pleased with the care that we receive here. The doctors are courteous and extremely competent, and are able to answer all our questions and concerns about cataract surgery and about how my husband’s glaucoma is doing. The staff here is very, very friendly, and pleasant, and also extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Jonathan’s a great guy! And we wouldn’t think of going to any other ophthalmologist.

My husband is a man of few words, but he feels very confident being cared for by the doctors here. And I am just so happy that we can count on them to take care of our eyes.”

Follow-up is excellent

Hello. My name is Dean. I went to see my new optometrist approximately 14 months ago, and he had suggested I may have some type of issue with glaucoma. So I spoke to a radiologist friend of mine at San Gabriel Valley, and he recommended Dr. Richardson.

So, when I came here, I was a little apprehensive. I said, “Glaucoma? Gee, am I going to go blind or what?”

Dr. Richardson has been a very pleasant ophthalmologist. We went through a battery of tests. Everyone was very pleasant, and everything went well. I’ve been coming here for, basically, one year now, and the follow-up is excellent.

I will keep coming back. My wife intends to come here also, since she’s been seeing an
ophthalmologist. So I think this is a great place to come, and I would recommend anyone coming here. Thank you.

Wonderful, wonderful doctor

My first name is Joan, and I have been coming to this office quite a few years. I cannot recall exactly the first time, but it’s a great office. I would not go anywhere else.

Quite a few years ago, I thought I had conjunctivitis, and so did my doctor. But nothing tamed the redness in my eyes, and he recommended I had to see Dr. Schiff. Well, that was scary for me, because you see I had never been to an eye doctor before in my entire life, and I was an adult. When I came into the office, and this dear little man named Dr. Schiff, who was so wonderful to me, just took all my fears away. And I was thrilled to find a doctor like him. Dr. Schiff is the one that found out that I have glaucoma, and I realized if I had not been coming to Dr. Schiff, that glaucoma never would have been found. It is being kept under control, thanks to Dr. Richardson.

When Dr. Schiff retired, I was a little nervous because, again, I would have to go to a new doctor. This time it was Dr. Richardson who immediately set me at ease and has been a wonderful, wonderful doctor for me.

I am very pleased, and my friend Esther whom I have brought here has had two cataracts removed from him and really was pleased, then, at the results. It’s a very caring office, wonderful doctors, tremendous staff, and I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend this office. Thank you.

A gifted surgeon

Hello, my name is Robert Rajotte. I’m a very satisfied customer! Dr. Richardson did a wonderful job on my eye. Let me tell you a little story. I’ve had glasses probably for the last ten years and my optometrist discovered I had high pressure in my right eye. He suggested that I seek treatment for this. Of course, being a guy I ignored it for a couple of years. It spiked a little higher, and finally I went to my mother’s doctor, which happens to be Dr. Richardson. And my mother also, of course, is happy with his services.

But a long story short. We had laser surgery that brought the pressures down. It’s called Argon Laser Trabeculectomy and it was painless. It was a five minute procedure, and my pressures are perfect. Well, I had a secondary problem. My right eye needed a much greater correction than my left, which I believe is called anisometropia. I’ve learned a lot, as you can see also, through this process.

Anyway, with some consultations with Dr. Richardson, he suggested I probably could use an intraocular lens implant and I ended up with a toric lens, which also corrected my astigmatism. Long story short, the lens was implanted and everything went well.

Three to four weeks after surgery, you go get your other glasses. My optometrist looked at the correction I had after Dr. Richardson had done, and he stopped. He paused, and he was baffled and he says, “This guy’s good!” He said it three times. “This guy’s good! You have almost no astigmatism. We’ll call it zero. You’re barely near sighted. Your eye is like perfect, and your pressures are perfect.” All testimony to Dr. Richardson’s skill and education, and I recommend him to anybody. Come here!

I was satisfied, and I’m sure you will be. He’s professional. He’s got the steadiest hands I’ve ever seen in a human, and when he touches your eye, it’s unbelievable. He’s a gifted surgeon, and I recommend you come to see Dr. Richardson.

Robert Rajotte pleased customer.

Finally, a doctor that actually makes eye contact with you. He explains things in plain English. Stays in room until he has answered all if your questions. I’ve recommended him to my family and friends. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. I love the little fridge with cool water for patients.

G C.

(Rowland Heights, CA | 03/13/2014)

I feel that this surgery has enabled me to enjoy life again and I would definitely recommend Canaloplasty to anyone with glaucoma (and cataracts) and in particular Dr. Richardson’s superior surgical skills.


Toronto (09/14/2013)

Dr. Davidson is an excellent doctor, and his stuff are very very friendly. His assistant, Ana, is an organized, super kind person. I strongly recommend Dr. Richardson. His clinic is a stress free, relaxed place. I had no problems about making appointments.

Dr. Richardson operated my left eye recently. (Canaloplasty) My entire experiance was stress free. My eye pressure went down to 11, – the next day form the operation. I am very happy with the result. All the stuff members, including the hospital nurses, are kind and friendly. I strongly recommend Dr. Richardson to anyone who needs eye treatments. I traveled far distance to see Dr. Richardson, and I am glad that I did! I am a foreigner and Dr. Richardson explained me everything well, and answered all of my questions. Please excuse my English.

Michelle M.

( South Lake Tahoe, CA | 1/23/2014 via Yelp)

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