Devices Created To Help You Get Eyedrops In Your Eyes

There are quite a few devices in the market to help you get eyedrops in your eyes.  These devices  help glaucoma patients like you  instill their drops properly – drops goes to the eyelid pocket and not out of the eye, dropper tips not touching the eye, and etc. Following are just a few of the devices (some bordering on the ridiculous?) that have been invented to help patients place drops in their eyes:

Eye Dropper Helper


The Cress Dropper



Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser

Some of these devices help patients administer eye drops by holding the eye open and direct the drops, allowing for more accurate eye drop placement and make eye drops administration easier to control dosage. Generally, all eye drop devices have been developed to make self administration as simple as possible and to help improve patient compliance and reducing reliance on others to help with this task. However, with all the many assistive eye drop devices on the market, none so far have overcome all of patients’ common obstacle compliances – compatibility with eye drop bottles, difficulty in squeezing the bottle to deliver the drop, accurately administering the right dosage, and complexity of design.

Sick of High IOPs? Tired of taking Drops?

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