Is Canaloplasty For You?

Canaloplasty is a newer, safer, non-penetrating glaucoma surgery
Lower IOP. Fewer Drops.

Glaucoma Treatment Options

There is a wide range of glaucoma treatment options available, from traditional glaucoma medications and surgeries, to the more sophisticated minimally invasive glaurcoma surgeries (MIGS i.e. canaloplasty and stents). Some glaucoma patients also use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to supplement prescribed glaucoma treatment. We discuss all of them here:


When medications are not effective enough, surgery may be the next best option. There are a number of different types of glaucoma surgeries and techniques, which can be split into (roughly) three using this categorical criteria:


Canaloplasty After Failed Trabeculectomy

Canaloplasty After Failed Trabeculectomy Given the technical difficulty of canaloplasty combined with unpredictable insurance coverage, it is no surprise that canaloplasty is rarely the “first-line” or primary choice of glaucoma surgeons. As such, trabeculectomy is...

Interventional Glaucoma: SLT AND MIGS

At ASCRS 2018 in Washington, DC, a group of surgeons experienced in interventional glaucoma therapies sat down to discuss the roles of selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) and microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) for treatment of open angle glaucoma (OAG).



Current glaucoma treatment guidelines follow a step-up approach, with eye medications as the initial treatment of choice. Eye medications work by decreasing the production of the aqueous fluid in the eye (Beta Blockers, Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors, Alpha-agonists), facilitating aqueous fluid drainage out of the eye (Cholinergic-Miotic and Prostaglandin Analogs) or combination of both functions. Read more ->


Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) or Alternative and Complementary Therapy (ACT) are the terms used to cover medical practices and products that are not part of the usual standard of care provided by medical doctors and allied health professionals. These include vitamins, herbal remedies, acupuncture, reflexology, homeopathy, ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and meditation, among others. Read more ->

  • Marijuana & Antioxidants
  • With Proven Benefits
  • With Some Evidence Of Benefit
  • Without Proven Benefit
  • Should Be Avoided In Patients With Glaucoma


PolyActiva Commences Clinical Trial of Biodegradable Ocular Implant for Glaucoma

Clinical Trial Begins For PolyActiva Biodegradable Glaucoma Implant. PolyActiva Pty Ltd, a clinical-stage Australian biotechnology company, has recently received USD$12million in venture capital to fund its Phase 1 Clinical Trial which will evaluate the safety and tolerability of its PA5108 ocular implant designed to biodegrade after the treatment period.

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Visual Field Testing – Appropriate Frequency |
Driving with Dr. David Richardson Series 2, Ep 3

How often do patients need visual field tests? Although there are no hard and fast rules for how frequent visual field testing should be performed, there are some guidelines depending on where one is in the glaucoma diagnosis.

Glaucoma Personal Stories

Real Stories. Real Lives of People with Glaucoma. Watch and hear their journeys and triumphs.

“He’s suffered so many losses that the idea that he could lose his vision was so frightening to us. He has a family history with glaucoma. He watched an uncle go blind. And it broke my heart that he could lose anything else…”

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