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There’s a new intraocular pressure measuring system that has received CE mark approval for use with primary open angle glaucoma patients within the European Union. It’s called EYEMATE. The EYEMATE system for measuring intraocular pressure consists of a small pressure sensor (implanted behind the Iris), a hand-held reader device and a data transmission tool.

EYEMATE is an implanted intraocular pressure sensor device that enables patients to make frequent and reliable intraocular pressure measurements on their own, just as they would their blood pressure. Data are transmitted directly to the eye doctor’s computer – improving treatment.

“Twenty-four hour monitoring of intraocular pressure with an implantable sensor is transformative for management of glaucoma patients as it provides a plethora of data and deeper insight for enhanced management of their disease,” said Implandata’s Scientific Advisor Dr Robert N Weinreb, director of the Shiley Eye Institute of the University of California, San Diego, in the press release.

The EYEMATE is not yet FDA approved.

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Source: Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH

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