Trabeculectomy versus Canaloplasty (TVC study)

Finally, a head-to-head trial comparing the glaucoma surgeries trabeculectomy and canaloplasty [1]. And, the results heavily favor the safety of canaloplasty over trabeculectomy while also showing an impressive intraocular pressure reduction with canaloplasty. Even...

PhacoCanaloplasty™ vs Phacotrab

Canaloplasty Is as Effective as Trabeculectomy When Combined with Cataract Surgery. Unlike with trabeculectomy, cataract surgery enhances the IOP lowering effect of canaloplasty.

Canaloplasty Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery

Canaloplasty Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery. Part 7 of 12 of “What’s New In Glaucoma Surgery” Presentation, a continuing education course for Optometrists presented by Patient-Focused Ophthalmologist, Dr. David Richardson on May 20, 2015....

Is Trabeculectomy an Option After Canaloplasty?

Is Trabeculectomy an Option After Canaloplasty? Is Trabeculectomy an Option after Canaloplasty? One of the common misconceptions about Canaloplasty is that it eliminates the future option a Trabeculectomy . It’s also, sadly, one of the more common reasons...

How Long Does Canaloplasty Last?

Learn the Failure Rates for Trabeculectomy and Glaucoma Drainage, Failure Rates for Canaloplasty and Phacocanaloplasty, and Failure Rates for Viscocanalostomy

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