Mirtogenol® Supplement For Glaucoma

Of the supplements available to treat glaucoma, Mirtogenol® is the one that I am most likely to recommend. It has both evidence of benefit as well as a track record of being well-tolerated with few side effects.

What is Mirtogenol®

Mirtogenol® is composed of extracts from bilberry (Mirtoselect ®) and French maritime pine bark (Pycnogenol ®). These extracts have been shown to increase the blood flow to the eye.

Evidence that Mirtogenol® Can Be Used To Treat Glaucoma:

Initial evidence that Mirtogenol® could lower IOP was published in 2008[1]. Although the study size was small (20 patients treated with Mirtogenol®, 18 patients untreated) Mirtogenol® taken orally twice daily was shown to decrease IOP by 3mmHg after two months of therapy. Additionally, 95% of the patients who took Mirtogenol® experienced a reduction in IOP.

In a study published in 2010[2] Mirtogenol® (120mg taken once daily) was shown to lower IOP almost as much as prostaglandin analog eye drops (one of the more effective classes of glaucoma medications). In addition, when Mirtogenol® was combined with the use of a prostaglandin analog the IOP was reduced even further. The amount of additional IOP reduction was similar to what I generally expect from adding another class of prescription eye drop.

One limitation of Mirtogenol® is that its effect on IOP is not immediate. It took six times as long as latanoprost (24 vs 4 weeks) for the full effect of Mirtogenol® (120mg taken once daily) to appear. Based on the 2008 study, however, it may be possible to speed up the response by taking a larger initial dose (120mg taken twice daily).

Potential Side Effects and Risks of Mirtogenol®:

No serious side effects from Mirtogenol® were noted in the above studies. Indeed, according to the authors of the 2010 study, “serious side-effects have never been reported for Mirtoselect ® and Pycnogenol ®, despite their decades-old use in ophthalmology”.

Recommended Dosage:

Mirtogenol® tablets contain 80mg of Mirtoselect® bilberry extract and 40mg of Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract. The above studies instructed their patients to take one (2010 study) or two (2008 study) tablets of Mirtogenol® each day.

Where To Buy Mirtogenol® and Cost:

Interested on taking Mirtogenol® supplement to treat your glaucoma?  Mirtogenol® can be found on Amazon.com ($25-30 for a two to four week supply)..

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