Will Canaloplasty limit your activities?The answer to this question depends on what time, after surgery, you are referring. Immediately after surgery (and at least for a few days, but sometimes up to weeks after) your vision will be blurry in the eye that had canaloplasty. Therefore, any activities that require good binocular vision (such as working with heavy machinery) should be avoided until the vision improves. Additionally, it is generally a good idea to keep the eye clean and dry (no gardening or swimming) for at least a few weeks. Once the incision has healed over (about a month after surgery) it is generally OK to resume all of your usual activities. Contrast this with traditional glaucoma surgery (trabeculectomy) which does limit your activities for the rest of your life. Because of the fragile nature of a bleb after trabeculectomy (and the risk of rupture and/or infection), once someone has had trabeculectomy surgery s/he cannot participate in most water sports without high-quality protective eyewear.

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