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Risks of Canaloplasty with the Stegmann Canal Expander®

The risks of canaloplasty with the Stegmann Canal Expander® were shown to be quite similar to Canaloplasty without the Stegmann Canal Expander®. Just over one quarter of patients experienced a hyphema (blood in the front part of the eye). However, this is viewed by...

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Canaloplasty After Failed Trabeculectomy

Canaloplasty After Failed Trabeculectomy Given the technical difficulty of canaloplasty combined with unpredictable insurance coverage, it is no surprise that canaloplasty is rarely the “first-line” or primary choice of glaucoma surgeons. As such, trabeculectomy is...

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Canaloplasty Surgery on Both Eyes – Patient Experience

Canaloplasty Surgery on Both Eyes from a Patient of Dr. David Richardson (San Marino Eye) A beautiful couple's story of how they dealt with glaucoma and went through canaloplasty. Only Ron has glaucoma but his wife, Peg Is with him all the way. Love, indeed! "Ron...

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Canaloplasty versus Trabeculectomy – Patient Experience

Canaloplasty versus Trabeculectomy Testimonial from a Patient of Dr. David Richardson (San Marino Eye) How does canaloplasty compare to Trabeculectomy? Let John and Mildred share with you their experience. “I didn’t go through it but being his wife I saw first hand...

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Canaloplasty After Trabeculectomy – Patient Experience

Canaloplasty After Trabeculectomy Testimonial from a Patient of Dr. David Richardson (San Marino Eye) Alvin (with wife, Rose) shares his canaloplasty experience. Alvin had laser surgery and trabeculectomy on both eyes (performed by another surgeon). Sadly, he had lost...

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Trabeculectomy versus Canaloplasty (TVC study)

Finally, a head-to-head trial comparing the glaucoma surgeries trabeculectomy and canaloplasty [1]. And, the results heavily favor the safety of canaloplasty over trabeculectomy while also showing an impressive intraocular pressure reduction with canaloplasty. Even...

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