Canaloplasty After Trabeculectomy Testimonial from a Patient of Dr. David Richardson (San Marino Eye)

Alvin (with wife, Rose) shares his canaloplasty experience. Alvin had laser surgery and trabeculectomy on both eyes (performed by another surgeon). Sadly, he had lost his right eye from previous surgeries. They were referred by their glaucoma doctor to Dr. Richardson.

They felt that Dr. David Richardson was their last chance for vision.

My name is Alvin and I love to dance, go to concerts/plays, and I love to play bridge.

I had glaucoma for about 20 years so I’d been using drops 3 times daily and eventually it didn’t work. The pressure was not going down. And I’ve had laser surgery; I had trabulectomy ten years ago. Since it wasn’t doing any good I came to a point of no return where I had to have some other type of surgery or go blind.

They had one botched surgery – and the right eye is practically gone. He sees images only or outlines of different things so he’s depending on that left eye to do the work of two and not one any more.

It was by my doctor that I had been going to for years and he recommended my coming to Dr Richardson.

I decided to go with canaloplasty surgery.

When the other doctors suggested we see Dr. Richardson, we knew that might be our only and last chance for vision.

He was very informative, very skillful at what he does and he had a good outcome.

My father was a patient of glaucoma. If we had known there was a Dr Richardson around with Canaloplasty they would have been perhaps a whole lot better outcome because he lost his sight and we had to reconfigure the house, so to speak, so that he can get around in his apartment with familiarity – you know and holding all the chairs from one chair to another to get from point A to point B until his lifetime was over.

There was no Dr Richardson then and that was an outcome that knowing what my husband was going, through in the back of my mind, I knew that in time, if he didn’t have the sight in and the remaining eye then of course it’s gonna be a big problem for both of us and the family too.

With the canaloplasty surgery, I’ve used less drops and the pressure is down and the only problem I had with the canaloplasty surgery was that I was blind for a couple of weeks and I had to be escorted around – my wife had to escort me around.

Because right after the canaloplasty it was on my shoulder, even coming to this office on my shoulder from your parking lot to the step up in the back.

But after that my eyesight cleared up and my vision is better and I’m able to use less drops and in fact I’ve only use one drop instead of three.

You can see how he comes in now – you can see he holds the door open for me and stuff like that.

I’m very appreciative of what Dr Richardson has done and I would recommend it to anyone as far as being a safe procedure and maybe not even have to use drops.

I find Dr Richardson’s office to be quite friendly, warm-hearted and very informative.

Let me give you all the applauses and kudos in the world because we saw from the get-go how professional you were, you take care of business – the office staff that takes care of business the financial lady – Helah, takes care of the business that she needs to take care of. And I was delighted when you asked to come today because otherwise we wouldn’t see you again I wanted to see you again. So here we are.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome with Alvin because this is my love of many years and I want him to have all the sight he can have until he closes his eyes permanently (whichever one of us goes first, who knows) but by the same token I want him to enjoy his life. I want him to enjoy his family, grandkids, and etcera; and we have a lot of fun with all the family. We’re a big family people – celebrate all holidays, birthdays, etcera. And you want to have that quality of life that you can have with your eyesight.

So I’m very pleased and happy with the fact that I’m using less drops and my pressure is down. Yes, it’s down. And I’m quite pleased, really.


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David Richardson, MD

David Richardson, MD

Medical Director, San Marino Eye

David Richardson, M.D. is recognized as one of the top cataract and glaucoma surgeons in the US and is among an elite group of glaucoma surgeons in the country performing the highly specialized canaloplasty procedure. Morever, Dr. Richardson is one of only a few surgeons in the greater Los Angeles area that performs MicroPulse P3™ "Cyclophotocoagulation" (MP3) glaucoma laser surgery. Dr. Richardson graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California and earned his Medical Degree from Harvard Medical School. He completed his ophthalmology residency at the LAC+USC Medical Center/ Doheny Eye Institute. Dr. Richardson is also an Ambassador of Glaucoma Research Foundation.

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