Medical Therapy for Glaucoma: Rho-Kinase (ROCK) inhibitors

A Patient’s Guide to Glaucoma Medications Rho-Kinase (ROCK) Inhibitors Medication for Glaucoma   Commonly prescribed: In December 2017 netarsudil (brand name: Rhopressa) became the first FDA approved medication in this class[1].  Cap color: White  How it is...

Next-Generation Glaucoma Medications and Surgeries

Part 12 of 14 of “Adjusting the Faucet or Opening the Drain – Currently Available Methods to Treat the Plumbing Problem of Open Angle Glaucoma” | A San Gabriel Valley Optometric Society (SGVOS) Continuing Education Dinner Event – 2 hours CE | Featured...

Could a New Class of Glaucoma Medications Be Around The Corner?

An exciting new class of potential glaucoma medications include what are termed the ROCK and ROCK/NET inhibitors. And it’s about time! Twenty years have passed since the last new class of medications (prostaglandin analogs) were approved for the treatment of glaucoma.

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