ReSGu Canaloplasty

New Hope After Failed Trab
It Might Be For You!

Simple Drops™

No more juggling multiple bottles
Simplify with one Simple Drops

MicroPulse® P3 (MP3)

Minimally Invasive,

Micropulse Technology!

Is Canaloplasty For You?

Canaloplasty is a newer, safer, non-penetrating glaucoma surgery.

Lower IOP. Fewer Drops.

Surgical Treatment Options for Glaucoma

There are different types of glaucoma surgeries and techniques.
They may be categorized using this criteria:

Latest Glaucoma Talk

“Adjusting the Faucet or Opening the Drain – Currently Available Methods to Treat the Plumbing Problem of Open Angle Glaucoma” A San Gabriel Valley Optometric Society Continuing Education Event | April 12, 2017.

Natural and Complementary Treatments for Glaucoma

My Guidelines to Initiating Glaucoma Supplement Therapy

My Guidelines to Initiating Glaucoma Supplement Therapy I currently recommend over a dozen supplements to my patients with glaucoma. Do I expect any of my patients with glaucoma to take all of them? No. Taking so many different supplements daily could be overwhelming....

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The Latest News About Glaucoma



Glaucoma Personal Stories

Real Stories. Real Lives of People with Glaucoma. Watch and hear their journeys and triumphs.

“He’s suffered so many losses that the idea that he could lose his vision was so frightening to us. He has a family history with glaucoma. He watched an uncle go blind. And it broke my heart that he could lose anything else…”

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