Glaucoma TreatmentIf you are hoping for better vision after canaloplasty, it is important to point out that the purpose of any glaucoma treatment (incuding Canaloplasty) is to preserve vision, not improve it. That being said, your vision will change in the following ways after surgery. First, expect your vision to be worse the first few days (or even weeks) after surgery. This is expected. When Schlemm’s canal is dilated some blood refluxes back through the newly dilated canal into the eye. Some even consider this a sign of successful surgery. This blood eventually is cleared out the same way it got into the eye. Another cause of (generally temporary) fluctuations in vision is surgically induced astigmatism from the suture used to close the surgical incision. This almost always resolves by a month or so after surgery Once the eye is fully healed (about three months after surgery) an interesting thing happens: some patients note that their vision does seem better than it was prior to surgery. This is likely because glaucoma drops worsen a condition called Tear Dysfunctional Syndrome that can cause blurred vision. After successful Canaloplasty surgery the need for glaucoma drops is reduced (or even eliminated). Without these drops, Tear Dysfunctional Syndrome improves which can result in clearer vision for some patients.

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