Evaluation ButtonBelow are some additional resources that could help you to decide if Canaloplasty is right for you:

1. Canaloplasty.com – Created by iScience, the manufacturer of the catheter used in Canaloplasty. This is where you would go to find a Canaloplasty surgeon near you.

2. YouTube.com – If you want to see what this surgery actually looks like (and aren’t too squeamish).

3. Google Alerts – You will need a Google account for this. Set up an alert with the word “canaloplasty” in it and Google will send you an email whenever it finds a new article, post, or video about Canaloplasty.

4. Find a Canaloplasty surgeon and schedule a consultation – There is no better way to find out if Canaloplasty is right for you than to have your eye evaluated by a surgeon certified to perform Canaloplasty.

Looking for an Ophthalmologist in California?

Dr. David Richardson is taking new patients at his office in San Marino, CA., and is always willing to provide a second opinion for those who would like the peace-of-mind that such a consultation would provide.

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