Simple Drops™

No more juggling multiple bottles
Simplify with one Simple Drops

What Are Simple Drops™

Simple Drops™ combine multiple medications into single drop bottles for glaucoma patient’s convenience.

Simple Drops™ are NOT a new glaucoma drugs. Rather, they are an innovative ophthalmic compounded formulations of already FDA-approved glaucoma drops. This innovation of combining several drugs into one drop bottle is intended to make glaucoma drop use more convenient and simpler for glaucoma patients.

“Maximizing patient adherence to medication has the potential to reduce the number of surgical interventions required to treat glaucoma, prevent unnecessary vision loss and save the overall health care system money in the long run”

Alan L. Robin, MD

Clinical Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Why Simple Drops™

The compounded formulations are provided in unique bottles designed with PureFlow® technology that allows for a one way valve system preventing the risk of contamination.

  • Preservative-free, which means less eye discomfort and irritation
  • Simplified drop regimen — multiple medications combined into one combination drop
  • Better adherence and compliance with just one drop vs. multiple
  • Low monthly cost

“Large clinical studies comparing preservative to preservative-free medications have found that patients experience less irritation and discomfort with these medications. Eyes treated with preservative free medications also appear to have healthier ocular surfaces as determined by their doctors.”

Michael Banitt, MD, MHA

Simple Drops Preservative-Free Formulations

(Formulations are based on a typical two month supply)






Latanoprost – 0.005 %
Bottle: 5mL


Timolol – 0.5%
Latanoprost – 0.005%
Bottle: 5mL


Timolol 0.5%
Brimonidine 0.15%
Dorzolamide – 2%
Bottle: 10mL


Timolol – 0.5%
Brimonidine – 0.15%
Dorzolamide – 2%
Latanoprost – 0.005%



Double Strength – 0.010%
Bottle: 5mL


Brimonidine – 0.15%
Dorzolamide – 2%
Bottle: 10mL


Timolol – 0.5%
Dorzolamide – 2%
Latanoprost – 0.005%
Bottle: 5mL

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has Simple Drops Been In The Market?

All the active medications in Simple Drops™ have been in the Market for years and are common glaucoma medications. The innovative, patent-pending Simple Drops™ Combination Glaucoma Drops were launched only recently in May 2017 at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) 2017 meeting in Los Angeles.

The company behind this wonderful innovation is Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMMY), an ophthalmology-focused pharmaceutical company based in San Diego, CA and founded in 1998.

Is Simple Drops™ FDA-Approved?

Yes. Simple Drops™ are formulated with components of FDA-approved drugs that are made and dispensed from ImprimisRx® Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB)-accredited and FDA-inspected facilities.

*Compounded by a pharmacist pursuant to an individual prescription. May be customized.

Where Can I Buy Simple Drops™?

As with any other glaucoma drugs, you’ll need to discuss Simple Drops™ with your glaucoma doctor who will help prescribe the proper dosage and the correct formula based on your eye health needs. Note that some glaucoma drugs can interact with other common medications and may also be contraindicated on some health issues. It is thus important to discuss this with your Eye Doctor.

If you live in Southern California, Dr. David Richardson, a Glaucoma Surgeon based in San Marino, CA, can help you transition from the hassle of a multiple glaucoma drop regimen to Preservative-free Simple Drops.™

“I am so grateful to the caring and brilliant team of doctors at Imprimis for finally meeting the long unmet needs of so many patients with glaucoma. The combination of affordability and convenience in a preservative-free formulation is nothing less than a home run for anyone who has to take glaucoma drops (especially those with dry eye as well). I expect that many of my current patients who switch to Simple Drops will be equally grateful.”

David Richardson, MD

Adjunct Asst Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology, Keck School of Medicine of USC

Get started today with Preservative-Free Simple Drops!

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