So, you’ve got glaucoma. Your doctor prescribed some drops

So, you’ve got glaucoma. Your doctor prescribed some drops…told you to use them once, twice, maybe three times a day…but whoa! I bet she didn’t know just how expensive they were going to be…and how are you supposed to put them in the eye? It’s not like placing a drop in the eye is “natural” or anything. My eye? It’s like getting into fort Knox…my lids seem to know that drops coming and are like, no way you’re getting’ in here. Bam!..another drop wasted. I can’t afford to waste these drops. Ounce for ounce they make gold look like a bargain. Then, when I do get a drop in the eye it stings, rolls down into my nose and throat, gives me a bitter taste, and it seems like I’m coughing for hours afterwards. Oh, and now my vision is blurred all the time. I thought glaucoma treatment was supposed to protect me from loss of vision. Really? Is this the best modern medicine has to offer?

Looking for a “blebless” (or bleb-free) procedure? Canaloplasty may be for you!

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