Theresa Dupris Shares Her Successful Canaloplasty Surgery Experience

Theresa Dupris: My name is Theresa Dupris and I will be 82 in April. And I am working at a school, in the classroom and in the office and I’ve been there for twenty years. And I was diagnosed glaucoma about six or seven months ago, and with my eye doctor who recommended, I go to see a specialist for glaucoma and I did. I was on drops for five or six months, and it wasn’t working. Fluid wasn’t going down and they suggested the canaloplasty. So I was very excited about it because I was losing my eyesight very rapidly. I had the surgery and it was very successful. And my first expression when it was over was that “It was a piece of cake.” And I would recommend it to people because I think it was very successful and the biggest part about it, aside from not losing anymore eyesight, I don’t have to take drops four and five times a day. Four and five drops, four and five times a day. So I was very happy with that outcome also.

Sick of High IOPs? Tired of taking Drops?

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