“Glaucoma really is an optic nerve disease. That’s the cable connecting the eye to the brain and what happens is the optic nerve has been damage over many years.”
For glaucoma patients the day of the routine of using prescription eye drops to keep the pressure in their eye down can be an annoying chore but without these drops the risk of going blind greatly increases.

“Lowering eye pressure matters; lowering eye pressure protects the nerve even if the pressure isn’t that high to begin with as it turns out.”

Now a new glaucoma surgery may be changing the lives of millions of people with this blinding disease.

“Canaloplasty is a evolutionary and revolutionary I think procedure. This new procedure is designed to lower the eye pressure by using the natural drainage system of your eye, to lower the pressure. What we are going to do when we do the surgery is we are going to peel away two layers of the sclera, the white part of the eye and expose and find the natural canal that surrounds the eye.”

Once this canal is found, a microcatheter is fed inside allowing this drainage pipe to open up, think of it as angioplasty for your eyes.

“And then we will close back the layer that we reflected, removing one of the layers but keeping intact the integrity of the eye by closing the superficial layer. And then putting everything back to where it was that hopefully and in our experience so far, has serve to lower the eye pressure successfully.”

It worked for 61 years old Stephen D’Orio who was diagnosed with glaucoma over 12 years ago and needed something to help with his symptoms.

“What was killing me was the irritation from the drops, which was … my eyes were always blurry and I couldn’t take drops anymore, you know…”

Because of the previous surgery in his right eye, Stephen was only able to have the canaloplasty in his left eye, but for him the result made a huge difference.

“Soon as I had it done, the pressure went to 15, without any drops and just hangs to 15, which was great.”

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