If you’re considering surgery to treat your glaucoma, then no doubt you’re concern about the risks of surgery. In traditional surgeries such as trabeculectomy and tubes, do come with significant risks. One of the things that make canaloplasty of interest to people, who are considering glaucoma surgery, is that, it is a safer surgery. Is it really safer? Well, there’s a study that answered that, that study performed by Ike Ahmed, a very well respected glaucoma surgeon in Canada, compared trabeculectomy with canaloplasty. In his study showed canaloplasty is safer, as fewer side effects and the interesting thing, not only was the pressure reduction the same as with trabeculectomy, and the number of drops used after surgery is the same. But the vision in those patients with canaloplasty was better than the vision in those patients with trabeculectomy. If you’re considering trabeculectomy, you may want to ask your surgeon whether or not you’re a candidate for canaloplasty.

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