The canaloplasty surgery has already been initiated here. I’ve essentially placed what is called a bridle suture, and pulled the eye into position, and created a mark so that I know where I need to make my initial superficial flap.

What I’m showing here is the actual Mastel diamond PhD II blade. And this is a multi use blade that is really a wonderful instrument for canaloplasty and can be used for all of the dissection, cutting, as I’m going to show in this video.

What I’m showing here is just the actual control end of the instrument. This is the end where you can choose just how many microns of diamond you want extending from the tip of the instrument.

So anyway, you can see the outline here of the superficial flap. And what I’m doing here is I’m actually showing the design of the instrument. But anyway, so this right here is what’s called the footplate, and the foot plate is what essentially delineates how much of the diamond is exposed beyond this footplate.

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