And I’m just going to trim the end. I don’t want to trim it too short. Again, I don’t want something sticking out that’s going to lacerate the canal. OK. And what I’m doing right here is I’m actually having my technician click the injector so I can see that I am, in fact, getting some viscoelastic moving through the catheter and coming out the tip. And now, very carefully… Also important there, is I’ve taken care that there’s absolutely nothing that could hang the Prolene suture. So I’ve confirmed that the entire length of that Prolene suture is, in fact, free of anything that could hang it up.

So now I’m going to slowly and smoothly pull the catheter back out through, using the combination of Fechtner’s and the Mastel modification of the Fechtner’s. And I’ll be calling out “click, click, click,” every three to four clock hours, so that I get a fair amount of viscodilation. Now it’s all the way through. And what you can’t see here is that I’m holding onto that catheter there. Cut the suture, very carefully passing it off. Then before I actually let my staff pull the catheter away, I grab onto that Prolene suture. I have had an unfortunate experience with the catheter being pulled away and the Steri Strip that was holding the catheter then grabbing hold of the Prolene and pulling the Prolene out, which requires, then, re cannulazation. So you want to be very, very, very aware of just where everything is. Slow, deliberate movements with this surgery.

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