How Glaucoma is Treated

At the present time all FDA approved glaucoma treatments aim to lower IOP. However, modern research has discovered a number of mechanisms other than elevated IOP that may contribute to loss of vision from glaucoma.

What is Glaucoma?

So, what is glaucoma? Is It High Intraocular Pressure (IOP) in the Eye? Mounting evidence suggests that factors other than intraocular pressure (IOP) contribute to the development of glaucoma.

My Guidelines to Initiating Glaucoma Supplement Therapy

My Guidelines to Initiating Glaucoma Supplement Therapy I currently recommend over a dozen supplements to my patients with glaucoma. Do I expect any of my patients with glaucoma to take all of them? No. Taking so many different supplements daily could be overwhelming....

Human Eye: A Brief Introduction

For an organ that is about the size of a large gumball, the eye is a complicated structure. Fortunately, a basic understanding of glaucoma and it’s treatments can be gained with an awareness of just a few “parts” of the eye.

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