Your assessment shows you may be a good candidate for Canaloplasty.

Because you are a good Canaloplasty candidate, you qualify for our no-cost consultation* offer. Your insurance will be billed and we will accept what your insurance pays (less deductibles). Consultation fee is at a reasonable $197. This offer is good within 14 days after taking the assessment.

You may call (626) 289-7856 to set up an in person consultation. Alternatively, you may request for an appointment with Dr. David Richardson via below form.

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* No Cost Consulation Offer

Offer covers initial consultation with Dr. Richardson only.

  • Insurance will be billed for the exam and insurance payment (less deductible) will be accepted by Dr. Richardson as payment in full for the consultation only
  • Patient will need to bring copies of most recent visual field testing

If visual field reports are not provided (or if they are more than six months old), Dr Richardson will have to repeat this test at the time of the consultation. His fee for this test is $77 and will be due at the time of the initial consultation.

Dr. Richardson may recommend additional testing which will be the patient’s responsibility and would be charged at $77/test. (Patient may decline this testing and still benefit from the “no cost” consultation).

  • For greatest benefit patient should also bring copies of additional test reports and prior records.
  • Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, Dr. Richardson cannot offer this “no cost” consultation to patients with Medicare. However, his fee for an initial consultation is only $197.



  • Canaloplasty cannot be done with closed angle glaucoma.
  • Canaloplasty cannot be done after the Trabectome procedure.
  • Canaloplasty may be done after ALT or SLT, but there is a higher chance that the canal cannot be fully catheterized due to prior scarring of the canal from the laser treatment. Even without full catheterization, Viscocanalostomy (similar to Canaloplasty) can often be performed with successful lowering of the IOP.
  • The only way to tell if you are a candidate for Canaloplasty after prior glaucoma surgery is to have an in-person consultation with a surgeon who performs Canaloplasty.

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