Could a New Class of Glaucoma Medications Be Around The Corner?

An exciting new class of potential glaucoma medications include what are termed the ROCK and ROCK/NET inhibitors. And it’s about time! Twenty years have passed since the last new class of medications (prostaglandin analogs) were approved for the treatment of glaucoma.

Sick & Tired of High IOPs? Drop the drops!

So, you’ve got glaucoma. Your doctor prescribed some drops So, you’ve got glaucoma. Your doctor prescribed some drops…told you to use them once, twice, maybe three times a day…but whoa! I bet she didn’t know just how expensive they were...

Glaucoma Drops: Saving Your Sight, One Drop At A Time

Glaucoma Drops/ Medications Eye medications have been used to treat glaucoma effectively for decades. Different glaucoma drugs have evolved from the miotics of the 60’s (pilocarpine, carbachol epinephrine); beta blockers (timolol, carteolol, betaxolol); carbonic...

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