How Long Does Canaloplasty Last?

Learn the Failure Rates for Trabeculectomy and Glaucoma Drainage, Failure Rates for Canaloplasty and Phacocanaloplasty, and Failure Rates for Viscocanalostomy

What If Canaloplasty Doesn’t Work?

What if Canaloplasty Doesn’t Work? Although there is evidence that canaloplasty can be an effective long-term treatment for glaucoma, studies indicate that…

Will Canaloplasty Cure My Glaucoma?

No. To date there is no cure for glaucoma. The best any treatment can do is to halt (or slow) the progression of this disease. The closer the IOP to 8mmHg, the better (below that and the eye can lose vision from the pressure being too low). Studies have shown that for...

I’ve had Glaucoma Laser Surgery. Can I have Canaloplasty?

If you have had either of the laser surgeries for open angle glaucoma (Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty or Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty), you may still be a candidate for Canaloplasty. It depends, however, on how much scarring there is from the laser surgery. Although...

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