Is Canaloplasty Surgery Painful?

Is Canaloplasty Surgery Painful?

Canaloplasty surgery should be a painless procedure, in a sense that your eye will be numbed at the time of surgery. This can be done either with an injection around the eye or with drops. Additionally, most surgeons do have an anesthesiologist present, who could give you something in the IV by vein to keep you nice and relax during surgery. Now, you may have a scratchy sensation or some discomfort after surgery, once the patch is taken off. This is often just from some of the sutures that are placed on the surface of the eye that should dissolve over time in most cases. Your surgeon will also give you some drops to use to help reduce inflammation and pain. If you have more than just a scratchy sensation or a slight ache in the eye that Tylenol does not take care of, then you should call your surgeon.


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Author: Dr David Richardson

Dr. David Richardson, MD. is a Board-certified Ophthalmologist (Eye Surgeon) in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Richardson's Vision Centers are located in Pasadena and San Marino, California. Dr. Richardson is a recognized and respected, cataract and glaucoma surgeon; and is among an elite group of eye surgeons in the country performing the highly specialized canaloplasty procedure. In fact, patients have traveled half way around the world to have canaloplasty done by Dr. Richardson. He not only performs canaloplasty, he has also taught other surgeons how to do so. As one of the leading canaloplasty surgeons Dr. Richardson has also given talks about this glaucoma surgery at the national meetings of eye surgeons.

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